Aluminium glycinate CAS 13682-92-3

Name:Aluminium glycinate

CAS No.:13682-92-3



Name:Aluminium glycinate

Synonyms: Aluminium glycinate; Dihydroxyaluminium glycinate; Glycine aluminum

CAS No.:13682-92-3


Test Items Specifications
Appearance white or almost white powder
Assay 94.0-102.0%
Nitrogen 9.90-10.8%
Hg ≤1ppm
Isopropyl alcohol Undetected
Loss on drying ≤14.5%
pH value 6.5-7.5


Package: 25kg/drum or as request

Properties of Aluminium glycinate

White powder, colorless and odorless.This product is a sweet powder, insoluble in water and organic solvent, soluble in inorganic acid and alkaline solution.


Used for crosslinking agent, cloth agent, applied to eye paste, mask, electroplating solution, pharmaceutical industry, etc.




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